Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy Fishy Birthday!

It’s my sister’s birthday!! So me and my mom planned a dinner for her. Since we don’t eat much fish, we thought it would be great to have fish on my sister’s birthday menu. We decided to go with Salmon which is my sister’s favorite fish!
For starters we had mushroom shrimp spaghetti with white sauce. Kinda like a shrimp ala crème.
We also make some crab wraps aside before we begin with the starters!
For main course we had fried salmon with cream dill sauce and for side dish we had potato broccoli cake and some grilled garlic asparagus which was my favourite of all. It tasted really good it kinda tasted like nuts. :p
For desert we had one of my sister’s favorite sweet millefeuille!

Ingredients for crab wraps: Crab meat, cream cheese,dill,cream, salt, pepper, chilli , onions, garlic and spring rolls wrappers. It would be better if you use won ton wrappers. That day we only had spring rolls wrappers and it worked pretty good!
Ingredients for mushroom shrimp spaghetti: Spaghetti,cream,cream cheese, milk, salt ,pepper, chilli, mushrooms, shrimps, parsley, basil,onion and garlic.

Ingredients for dill sauce: flour, butter, knorr cubes, pepper,chilli,dill, milk, cream and water.
Ingredients for potato broccoli cake: Potatoes, broccoli, salt, pepper, butter, cream,flour,onions and garlic.

The millefeuille was one of those easy to make desert boxes from the grocery! But it still tasted good! Plus I made have of the cream chocolate and half of it vanilla!:D
The meal was once again a success! It was all delicious and made us really full though we wanted more!haha :DAt one point I got really hyped up! I don’t know why. Maybe it was the sparkling wine. I was laughing for no reason! It was fun though.. :p

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sloppy Joes and Churros!

It was a Saturday and I really had a BIG apetite for something really fattening haha lol!
So I decided to make sloppy joes and for desert some yummy chocolate churros!!
I must have gain 2 kilos after that meal!haha! But I can say that it was all worth it.
 The sloppy joes were really sloppy and tasty!I was really excited about this because I haven’t eaten Sloopy joes for forever!So I manage to eat two Big Sloppy Joes!

Ingredients I used for the Sloppy Joes:  Minced pork and beef,onion,garlic,chilli,ketchup,soy sauce,honey,salt,pepper,oregano,Worcestershire sauce and water.
About the churros..we don’t have churros here. So I just made my own delicious churros!It was heavenly yummy!and it wasn’t that hard to make as I thought it would be.

Ingredients for the Churros :  Flour,water,eggs,salt,butter and oil.
For the Churros dip: Cream,dark chocolate,cacao,powder,milk,cinnamon and orange zest.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Coffee by the sunset

It was a Tuesday afternoon. Very nice weather, though it was a bit windy. Right after school, I sat to drink some coffee in this great cafeteria just beside the beach. I ordered cappuccino and a club sandwich. That club sandwich was huge! But yet I manage to eat it all. haha!

That day I wore denim shorts, black tights, baggy black boots, plain white shirt and a navy green jacket.
Very comfortable look for everyday!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Minced Meat Pizzaaaaaa!

I was craving for pizza for days!  But I didn’t want just any pizza,I really wanted to make a homemade fresh pizza. So I decided one day to make a pizza with any ingredients that I had in the ref. Turns out I had enough ingredients to make a delicious pizza!yey! It was the first time I made pizza dough, usually I buy ready made pizza base from the super market. I’m super glad I made my own pizza dough because it turned out really yummie and waaaay better than those ready made pizza base!  I definitely recommend for you to take time and make your own pizza dough because it really makes a big difference. Plus it’s really easy to make the dough. So this is a picture of the pizza that I made, it doesn’t really look that appealing but it’s freaking delicious!! I f I hade onions and ham or bacon oh and Tabasco sauce, the pizza would have been even better. But it was already tasty as it was. I must have eaten half of it!haha

Ingredients I used for the dough are: Flour, Water, Honey, Salt, Olive oil and dried yeast.
Ingredients of Toppings: Tomato sauce, Ketchup, Basil, Celery, Tomatoes, Minced meat, soy sauce, dried chilli, barbecue sauce, gouda cheese, edam cheese, bell pepper and garlic

I used the leftover from the dough and made cheese and chocolate sticks! Turned out really nice too! I  stuffed the half of the dough with cheese and garlic and the other half with milka chocolate!:D