Friday, December 2, 2011

Minced Meat Pizzaaaaaa!

I was craving for pizza for days!  But I didn’t want just any pizza,I really wanted to make a homemade fresh pizza. So I decided one day to make a pizza with any ingredients that I had in the ref. Turns out I had enough ingredients to make a delicious pizza!yey! It was the first time I made pizza dough, usually I buy ready made pizza base from the super market. I’m super glad I made my own pizza dough because it turned out really yummie and waaaay better than those ready made pizza base!  I definitely recommend for you to take time and make your own pizza dough because it really makes a big difference. Plus it’s really easy to make the dough. So this is a picture of the pizza that I made, it doesn’t really look that appealing but it’s freaking delicious!! I f I hade onions and ham or bacon oh and Tabasco sauce, the pizza would have been even better. But it was already tasty as it was. I must have eaten half of it!haha

Ingredients I used for the dough are: Flour, Water, Honey, Salt, Olive oil and dried yeast.
Ingredients of Toppings: Tomato sauce, Ketchup, Basil, Celery, Tomatoes, Minced meat, soy sauce, dried chilli, barbecue sauce, gouda cheese, edam cheese, bell pepper and garlic

I used the leftover from the dough and made cheese and chocolate sticks! Turned out really nice too! I  stuffed the half of the dough with cheese and garlic and the other half with milka chocolate!:D

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